Natural Choice Landscaping

Logo Design & Branding

Natural Choice Landscaping came to us looking for a logo to stand out from the sea of green and brown landscape design logos that have flooded Arizona over the last twenty or so years. Natural Choice isn’t just a traditional landscaper – sure they will mow your lawn or clean up the hedges – however, they excel at beautiful landscape designs that, even our designers here at Tala are blown away by! When we saw their mastery over masonry, we knew we had to give them something as beautifully geometric as the designs they provide their clients.

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Natural Choice Landscaping

Branding Mockup

Natural Choice Landscaping came to us with a problem – they wanted to differentiate themselves from all of the landscape companies in Arizona. When they came to us, they were using solid black Helvetica Bold for the logo so there was definitely a lot we could improve upon.

We decided to go with a geometric font and modified it with triangle accents to match the heart of the flower icon of their logo. The colors in Natural Choice’s logo were carefully crafted to ensure that they were unique from the other landscape companies in Arizona. Most landscaping companies opt for greens and browns in order to give off an Earthy, nature-oriented feeling to their clients. Natural Choice wanted to break the mold and give off clean, trustworthy vibes that mint and royal blue tones can elicit.

The shape of the logo mark was inspired by a little flower that was sent to us by the owner of Natural Choice during the discovery phase of the logo project. Since they are masters of geometric masonry and rock work, we wanted to bring about that same feeling in their logo by forcing the beauty of nature into a simple geometric form.

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This flower was what sparked the idea for the overall shape of the icon for Natural Choice. We reimagined what this flower may look like in a more polygonal world!

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Being that Natural Choice does all of their work on-site at clients’ houses, they needed a vehicle wrap, of course!

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Business cards – a staple of all completed landscape jobs. Natural Choice clients usually hand these out to their friends and family with recommendations so we wanted to make sure the design was clean and concise!

We came to Tala because we wanted a logo that reflects what we’re capable of

Natural Choice Landscaping