Run Buddy Mobile

Story Telling & Advertising

Run Buddy Mobile is a mobile indoor dog running service that works in the metro Phoenix, Arizona area. We were really drawn to working with them because they are so focused on giving back to the community. Sure, they have their paid clients, but what really sets them apart from other mobile indoor dog exercise services is that they fill in as much time of the day as they can with volunteer work. If the vans aren’t being used for client work, they’re always out front of a rescue giving the high-energy dogs a workout they will remember!

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Run Buddy Mobile

Story Telling & Advertising

For Run Buddy, our vision was to create a documentary style “day in the life” type short film that revealed the true motivation and heart of the owner.

Our videographer spent 15 hours one day, from dawn till dusk, filming and documenting everything. In addition he asked specific questions that eventually lead to the beautiful revelation near the end of the video.

Next our videographer edited down 15 hours of footage into a 5+ minute documentary that really knocked it out of the park for the client. Our video philosophy is a little different than other video creation companies. We believe in the documentary style, the reality style vs. the polished scripted style.

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While Run Buddy Mobile’s main focus is giving their clients the best workout possible, it never hurts to show off a client’s progress to the world!

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This boxer finished his workout and is ready to go back home. Luckily home is only a few more steps away!

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We feel that this photo says all that is needed to be said about how Run Buddy’s clients feel about their visits!

"Tala really knocked this video out of the park for us!"

Run Buddy Mobile